Return Policy

It's important to us that you love your new Soul shoes, bag or belt. We offer re-makes or exchanges if your shoes do not fit, or the product is not what you ordered...

Shoe Returns: 

If your shoes don't fit or you feel there is a problem with them, please contact us first in case it's a simple problem we can fix. Next, take some photos of your feet in the shoes from different angles, demonstrating as clearly as possible, what the problem is. 

We will advise you what the next step should be, and if needed, we will work with you to re-make them free of charge until we get them right. 

If we have spoken to you,  received your photos and decided on a re-make, please send the shoes back to us with a note including your details, and the problem so we can easily track your order. 

Please notify us of any problems within 14 days of purchase. 

Bag and Belt Returns:

If you receive your new Soul bag/belt and it is not what you ordered, e.g. wrong style, colour, wrong size, or in very rare cases has a fault, please contact us and we will re-make or exchange your item for a new one. 

Please notify us of any problems within 14 days of purchase.