Sizing-What we need

About Sizing

All our shoes are made individually by hand and built up to form the basic shape of the shoe. The final part of the fitting is left to your own feet. This means that your shoes should be snug (but not tight) when they are new. After a few days you’ll notice the leather stretching and shaping to your foot, after a bit more time your shoes will hit the sweet spot, and then you’re in for a long and comfy ride!

For your order to get made you MUST enter your sizing information into sizing box in the cart. 

Watch this video/follow instructions below on how to measure your foot:


How to Measure Your Foot

NB. it is essential to measure your bare foot NOT your shoes. It may be easier for you to get somebody to do this for you.

Read guide below and/or view our sizing video:

To get accurate measurements we need you to do a tracing of your foot on paper, this is how:

  1. Put a piece of A4 paper on the floor avoiding any difficult surfaces, like carpet. Place your foot firmly on the paper with your weight on the foot.
  2. Holding your pen/pencil (not marker/felt tip) as horizontal as possible. Draw around the outside of your foot keeping the pen in contact with your foot at all times. Be careful not to hold the pencil at any angles other than straight up and down, especially around the heel.
  3. With your foot still on the paper, take a piece of string and measure across the top of your foot at 120mm back from the big toe. Keep the string taught over your foot touching from paper to paper.
  4. Hold the string at the point where it measures over the top, put this against a ruler and measure this length and write it down, this is your top size.
  5. Take your foot off the paper. Draw a line across the top of where the end of your big toe is on the drawing and a line at the end of where your heel is. Measure the distance between the two lines and this is the length of your foot.
  6. Make a mark at either side of the widest part of the drawing, measure this distance. This is the width of your foot.
  7. You should now have three measurements; length, width and top size. Enter ALL this information along with your usual shoe size and your Soul shoe size (if known) on your order, then wait for your handmade shoes to arrive.